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"dispatch with a difference..."

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Based in the United Arab Emirates, ADS has its international office located in Dublin, Ireland. Managed by a highly reputed team of individuals with years of experience and proven skills in the industry, ADS is committed to ensure prompt and professional services however diverse the requirements are, leading to utmost client satisfaction. Our team of seasoned experts delivers customized solutions to a diverse clientele, solving complex problems yet meeting deadlines.

From delivering reliable uplifts of aviation fuel at competitive prices, our team of international experts are dedicated to providing advanced and comprehensive services in the fields of air traffic rights, flight planning, ground handling, weather and NOTAMs, crew assistance and PAX transportation.

Focusing on the convenience of our clientele, our highly skilled and experienced flight planners aim at eliminating any delays and diversions that may cost our clients. Whether you are looking for a single plan or multiple plans, our strategically planned solutions will offer you the best. Our meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of specific aspects of aviation services at each airport adds to the smooth operation for our clients. All our programs are tailored to address the specific needs of each client.