Flight Planning

flight planning

Our fully qualified multilingual dispatchers with international flight planning experience are ever ready to assist you. They are well-versed in selecting the most suitable routes, which meets regional airspace, equipment restrictions and requirements, meteorological aspects, en-route fuel halt, countries to be over flown and much more. We generate client specific flight plans as well as filing flight plans directly from our own Flight Dispatch.

No matter whether you are looking for a single plan or multiple plans, ADS provides an integrated Flight Plan package containing detailed documents including origin, en-route, destination, alternate weathers and NOTAMs.

Our flight planning service features:

  • Operational Flight Plan
    • Customized to meet your needs
    • Complex plans made simple
    • Customized flight plan layout
    • Optimal routes & flight levels
  • Test Plans
  • Overflight Cost Estimates
  • ATC
    • Filling / Re-filling
    • Manual ATC form included
  • Weather
    • Graphical with route overlay
    • Textual
    • FIR
  • Routes
    • European Compliant
    • AUSOTS
    • NAT
    • Pacific (NOPAC, PACOTS)
    • Random Routing
    • ETOPS Compliance

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