Flight Permissions

Flight Permissions

Flight permissions are an essential aspect in the planning of any flight. A thorough understanding of specific procedures and restrictions is important while obtaining over-flight or landing permissions. Our expertise and resources together with an understanding of regional and cultural norms allows us to acquire flight permission for all airspaces quickly and in a short notice.

Since the permit application information and the processing times to acquire these permits is country specific the time to obtain permits may vary. From as less as twenty four hours for most of the countries, it may take up to a few working days for others, before a permit is granted.

We arrange flight permissions for following types of operations.

  • Business and corporate flights
  • Passenger and cargo flights
  • Ferry flights
  • Relief flights
  • Emergency operations

We can obtain the following types of permissions on your behalf:

  • Overfly and landing Permits
  • Diplomatic clearances
  • Military clearances
  • PPR (Prior Permission Required)

We can take care of the following as well:

  • Airport Slots (Landing slots)
  • TSA Waiver
  • eAPIS